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Yamaha Generator EF3000iSEB

People looking for instant power during moments of outage or recreational activities can rely on the Yamaha 2800 Watt Inverter Generator with Boost Technology Model: EF3000iSEB. It is able to provide electricity instantly for a variety of sensitive devices and computers. Determine the characteristics and whether it is the right one for you.

The portable recreational grade generator is created by Yamaha company in Japan. It features 2,800 running and 3,000 starting watts. 3,000 watts can be given in span of 20 minutes, while 2,800 rated watts can be given nonstop for more than 20 minutes. The machine offers the Yamaha Boost Technology wherein it can instantly boost output for 10 seconds, giving you more power. The added boost almost gives an extra 500 watts temporarily.

Similar to other Yamaha generators, the EF3000iSEB has inverter technology which can safely provide energy to sensitive electronics and computers. The Smart Throttle feature allows the engine to vary speed depending on the current load. You can easily activate the electric starting system via a press button, although a recoil backup starting system is also available. You can conveniently charge batteries via the 12V DC battery charger which includes cables.

The EF3000iSEB runs on 5.5 HP and has a consumer engine warranty of 2 years and commercial engine warranty of 1 year. Low oil alert and cast iron sleeve on the engine is present too. The 3.4-gallon tank holds gasoline for fuel. Portability kit includes plastic wheels. Half load run time is 15 hours. The generator weighs 152 lbs and measures 26.7L x 17.5W x 21.9H.

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