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Windmill Electric Generators

Solar power and wind turbines are well known among households trying to cut utility bills. With these folks in mind, an improvement over the standard 3-blade turbine has become available. Windmill electric generators such as the Home Wind Turbine Generator 5-Blade 500W has hit the marketplace prepared to increase energy output. The standard 3-blade turbine has been the classic design for the modern turbine for years and rightly so.

However, with its face into the wind the 5-blade turbine improves the energy production of the 3-blade turbine. This enhancement comes to life with low wind conditions of 11 mph or less. Adding just 2 more blades to the turbine increases energy output more than 60 percent over the 3-bladed turbine.

Windmill Electric Generators High Speed Wind Safety

Although each blade is 4.6 feet in diameter, the blades rotate at a slower rate. This is especially useful in high winds when the blade speed will increase. Since the blade rotation is less the chance of an over-speed control malfunction is also lessened. The output of energy however is greater thus combining safety with energy efficiency.

Less Noise

A further advantage of lower rotation speed is the lower noise level coming from the blades thus lower wind turbine noise. Noise pollution is taken seriously by alternative energy users. A device that lessens noise output is appreciated by the neighbor and the community at large.

Easy to Install

The 5-blade turbine is light-weight and easy to install. The blades are actually made of nylon fiberglass. They are high-efficiency blades and designed for all types of environments. Whether sandy, salty, windy, or calm winds, windmill electric generators like the Home Wind Turbine 5 Blade 500w will be up to the task of providing electricity to your home.

Embracing what technology has to offer makes it easy to take the next step leading to better utility efficiency. The 5-blade 500W wind turbine is that next step.

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