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Winco 20kw Standby Generator Reviews

A standby generator, as we know, is one which is installed permanently outside a house.

It is connected to the house's electrical system via an automatically operated transfer switch. Should an outage occur, the standby generator will take over to supply the required power.

There are different brands and types of standby generators to choose from. One particular brand and unit you may consider to review and buy is the Winco 20kw standby generator.

With the Winco 20kw standby generator, you have peace of mind. This generator automatically transfers back to utility power and shuts itself off once utility power is restored. This safety feature is guaranteed even in your absence, so that you need not worry and just attend to whatever it is you have to do away from home.

The Winco 20kw standby generator has a heavy-duty industrial diesel engine. Its voltage selector switch is capable of being switched in four positions. It has a digital controller with digital readouts. It has a brushless alternator, a shore power inlet, and full receptacle package.

Review of other features of the Winco 20kw standby generator include fuel access door, lockable side doors, sound-reduced enclosure (made of 14-gauge galvanneal steel), front storage compartment, and a mechanical governor. The unit also comes with a fuel/water separator and an oil-drain extension with valve.

As for its specs, the Winco 20kw standby generator runs on diesel. It's equipped with a 7-gauge steel fuel tank with a capacity of 45 gallons (170.5 liters). Rate of fuel consumption at full load is 1.8 gallons (6.8 liters) per hour, while it's 9 gallons (34 liters) per hour at 50% load.

The Winco 20kw standby generator also has one terminal block (with safety shut off) for full connections. Overall, this generator is powerful yet safe to use, and is reliable as well as durable.

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