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5+ Advantages of a Vortex Wind Generator

A Vortex wind generator, small and portable, is used for many reasons, in the home, at work, in your vehicle, or to power your boat and its accessories. Powered by wind, it is mechanic as well as electrical, using a lever arm to increase in multiples the energy of mobile or moving weight that is powered by wind and using a propeller. You'll very often see a Vortex wind generator across the trunk of a high powered sports car, as an example.

The energy that is generated using the wind by the Vortex wind generator is then converter by gravity to power.

At its simplest level a Vortex wind generator, whether for a boat or another vehicle or any other small appliance use, is a wheel counter balanced on one side of is centerline shaft by a weight concentrated on the other side. Each stay rigid because of a structure beam that connects both ends, and a centerline shaft around which it all revolves. This happens by moving the weight that is mobile around the perimeter of the wheel in concert with the rotation of the unit. Gravity then makes the entire unit rotate.

Small propellers move the portable weight around the wheel by a small propeller that is driven by wind.

Besides boats and cars you could use a portable small Vortex generator for many uses. It could be used for a remote job site where electricity is needed to run power tools, and lighting. It could be used to run farm equipment in the remote field, or for family vacations where camping is remote enough to leave electricity behind.

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