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Used Generators For Sale: Checklist To Buy the Best

The benefits of checking your local classifieds, whether in print or on the internet, searching for a used generator for sale go beyond simple cost savings. You'll get a power workhorse that's already been proven safe and reliable.

You may only require a generator for emergencies or for use in the backwoods during RV trips with your family. For agricultural and industrial purposes, where heavy duty generators purchased new can cost tens of thousands of dollars, buying a reliable piece of equipment second hand is definitely cost effective.

Once you've determined your power requirements and the type of unit or units you need, you can further narrow your list by considering the following factors, in order to choose the right used generator for sale..

Power source: do you want diesel, propane, natural gas or electric? Consider the price of fuel and what you require the generator for. For example, an electric generator may give you the power you need but for emergency purposes wouldn't serve you well.

Previous Usage: When you contact the seller, inquire as to how many hours are on the unit. Just like a vehicle, generators should have an odometer reading. Ask what the set was used for - continuous or standby. Did the seller use the generator himself or was it purchased through an auction or foreclosure. If so, the history may not be available. Do some research into the seller's reputation. That may give you some indication as to the quality of your used generator.

Brand: Check out the manufacturer of the generator. The make and model is important too, but since the reliability of this machine will be super important to you down the road, don't cut corners buy purchasing an unknown brand. Go for a trusted name with a long history of putting out good, reliable equipment. See if parts are still available for the unit, too.

Previous Maintenance: Check if the seller has the history, again, to see if a certified technician has ever done any repairs, changed the oil, changed transfer switches and maintained the generator ends. What is the technical expertise of the seller himself? This of course may not be available to you if the unit has traded several hands. You may want to do a visual inspection of the unit if being sold in your area.

Wear and Tear: If the used generator for sale you're thinking of purchasing has many hours on it, it can't help but have suffered some wear and tear. The components should be checked for fatigue and corrosion. How clean is the unit - that's a clue as to how it has been maintained. You may discover that a different engine is in the unit. Not unusual with an older generator, but make sure a certified technician did the work.

Load Test: A respectable seller will have done this already to determine how well it responds and whether its output and frequency meets the specified limits.

3 popular used diesel generators
Aurora, Pramac and Stephill brands, find out which models are best

best 3 used electric generators
Onan, Honda and Kohler, find more details here

3 super used gas generators
two Honda models and one Onan, read review of them

best 3 used generators for sale
Cummins, Honda and Kohler, learn which style and fuel source

top 3 used marine generators
Northen Lights, Kohler and Fischer Panda, read reviews

3 popular used natural gas generators
Onan, Kohler and CAT, explanation of each here

3 super used portable generators
Briggs and Stratton, Yamaha, and Mitsubishi, find out which model and review

best 3 used power generators
Onan, Honda and Kohler, what are the advantages of each

top 3 used propane generators
Guardian, Cummins and Briggs and Stratton, review of each brand

3 popular used Honda generators for sale
which 3 Honda models is it, and what are their advantages

used 20 kw diesel generator
mid-size applications like yours, diesel will burn more efficiently than gas

used 1200 rpm generator end
has also increased output from 900 to 1200 rpm, with some going as high as 1800 rpm as well

used rv lp generator
LP, or liquefied petroleum, can be easily transported, stored and will not break down or deteriorate like

used Yamaha generator ef3000ise
if you're looking for a used model for backup use at home and don't need 220 volts, the EF3000ISE will prove to be a reliable, efficient work horse

Used RV Onan Generators For Sale Cummins QG 2800
Low-fuel consumption is another benefit of this efficient generator. Today with prices of fuel going through the roof, every

Used Kipor Generators Sinemaster IG1000
It can also be used while camping for powering a toaster, a radio, or a toaster oven. This can make it easier to listen to

Used Generator Transfer Switch Reliance Controls Model# 31410CRK
This transfer kit model specifically is designed to be an inside mount and is designed for fast residential or commercial

Used Industrial Power Generators Cummins 75kW A75CU
It will also start for you every time, with a voltage regulator designed with Volts/Hertz compensation

Used Honeywell Generators HW2000i
The four-stroke engine requires only oil and gasoline for easy maintenance and convenience. The tank can hold 1.5 gallons,

Used Diesel Electric Generator All Power America APG3201
It has an electric start and a back up recoil starter, plus boasts a single stroke 4 cycle engine that is air cooled.

Top Generac Used Standby Generators
These generator systems are easy to install and function independently without extension cords. Additional fueling is also not necessary

Popular Champion RV Used Generators
The construction and extra components provided help to improve their versatility. This coupled with the quiet performance of these Champion generators makes them quite admirable

Sportsman GEN 4065 Used Home Generators
When the Sportsman 4065 generator starts running and going for a longer period of time, it will shut down when there is not enough oil

Savonius Used Wind Generator
Regarding the construction of the turbine, the frame is, enamel coated, aimed to protect the metallic elements. The kit is made of four ceramic grade 5 magnets

Bobcat Used 3 Phase Generators
You can clearly see the displays provided for meter maintenance. For oil change interval and function of the hour meter to indicate hours run, this is most helpful

Hobart 500491 Champion Used Welder Generator
Also it has Receptacles of 2 120 Volt 20 Amp and 2 240 Volt same capacity, with Circuit Breakers provided. With this you can easily carry out welding of 1/4 inch thickness on cast iron

Used Onan Generator P2927
The gen set has a manual start and runs at 6.5 horsepower, and has a four stroke overhead engine. It also has a low oil shutdown capability

Used Caterpillar Generator Advantages
Even though the Caterpillar runs on gasoline, they are still known to be incredibly fuel efficient. Be sure to take note of the amount of gas required to start up and run

PureSine Wave Used 1000w Generators
The recommended fuel for this machine is unleaded fuel, and also consists of a Max AC output of 0.9 and has a 1.0 frequency. This machine also has a voltage of 50 to 60 volts

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