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12V Briefcase Solar Backup Generators

Solar energy is the newest and most exciting form of power around. Many people know that it is capable of being installed in your home or business. However, it is also something that can be used on a travel basis. Portable solar backup generators such as the 12V Briefcase Solar Generator s-1116 are a perfect way to get the benefits of solar energy when you are on the move.

With the cost of energy skyrocketing a lot of people have become interested in how to create energy without paying the expensive fees associated with natural gas and other corporate owned power sources. One answer they have found is the 12V Briefcase Solar Generator s-1116. These solar backup generators free you from the restraints that a normal solar system might have.

Whereas a normal system must be situated to a roof or other unobstructed space to get the sunlight, this amazing product does not. It is portable and therefore can be used for a variety of uses. Think about it, you would not want to disconnect and remove the solar system from your roof and take it with you next time you went boating, would you. Surely not, the wires and battery connections not to mention climbing atop the roof would be too much of a hassle.

12V Briefcase Solar backup generators s-1116 can power your laptop computer, among other things. So if you go camping, you can run a TV or Laptop. It will also run power tools. For those doing work at a remote site where there is no electricity, you no longer need those cumbersome and dirty generators; you can use this briefcase generator. It is clean, noise free, and cheap.

This is even a great item to have in an emergency. You can keep this in the trunk of your car when you take extended trips. It can serve you when you car breaks down in the middle of nowhere. You simply set it up and have energy so that you can recharge your cell phone, or any other items that require energy. It is an amazing thing to have.

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