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Do Small Wind Generators Produce Enough Power?

As technology continues to advance alternative energy sources that you can use at home are becoming ever more practical and more attractive options. Not only can you go green and start to do your bit in keeping the environment safe, but you can also save money by installing small wind generators.

The question that many people ask however is whether a small wind generator will produce enough power to be an alternative worth considering. Depending on the product, the company that makes it and the price amongst other things, the power output does vary a lot.

One of the most important aspects of how much power the wind generator will produce is of course how much wind there is in your area. Certain areas may see very little benefit from installing a wind generator while others will see much greater benefits. This is something that you want to take into consideration if you install one.

This is ultimately the deciding factor and a basic rule is that you need an average wind speed every year of a minimum of nine miles per hour. This will be enough to generate enough electricity to perform basic tasks on a regular basis. Any more than that is a nice bonus to have which means you'll save even more money and be able to draw more power from your own domestic small wind generator.

Generally, wind generators are not supposed to be a substitute for a conventional power supply. They are supposed to be an addition which will help to save you money provided they are working correctly and are properly installed.

There are also various turbines starting to appear on the market now which don't even require the installation of a tower and do not rely on higher wind speeds. As these technologies continue to develop, the option of drawing power from the wind becomes ever more attractive.

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