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All Power America APG3004 Small Gas Generator

Most individuals would purchase an All Power America APG3004 1000-Watt 2-Cycle small gas generator only if it was a necessity. Well, in some places, it is, areas which are prone to much snow, hurricanes, or tornadoes. However, it's for fun, too. For instance, it keeps the lights on at a campsite and it'll run a coffeemaker and small tools, too. It can also be used at a cabin, or jobsite.

This unit includes a one and one fifth gallon tank. It'll run for eight and one half hours on that amount of fuel. As for product details. The unit's dimensions are fifteen by twelve by fourteen inches, and its weight is forty-four pounds. This unit has to be shipped apart from any other ordered items, but there's no added cost for that.

One very glowing customer review stated that this small gas generator saved the day, after a hurricane, a severe one, hit the area he resided in. He said that the electricity went out, but because of this unit he had lights and heat. Another noteworthy benefit of this device is that it is really very cheap.

Another use for this unit is a recreational one. Bringing the unit to a campsite allows for hours of fun and laughter in the healthy outdoors. Plus, one's coffee will be perked, hot, and ready in the early morning, upon arising. It is also powerful enough for use in a cabin, maybe one fronting a lake, so that the campers can read or play card games, etc.

So this concludes a quick look at the All Power America APG3004 1000-Watt 2-Cycle gas powered portable generator. It is versatile in its applicability, spanning from hurricanes to camping trips. It can be a bad feeling when the power is out, but it's good to have something to light the way.

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