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RV Wind Generator Advantages

One of the greatest advantages of a RV is being self-contained. A self-contained RV means that you can park anywhere and have such conveniences as lights, heat, refrigerator, toilet and shower. Rv's have batteries that allow the lights and other electrical appliances to work, even if the RV is not connected to a power supply. A RV wind generator keeps those batteries charged without the noise or pollution of a propane or gasoline generator.

A RV wind generator takes advantage of a free power source. Almost anywhere, you park an RV, with the exception of the deep woods; you will find a slight breeze. This slight breeze is nearly always enough to turn the turbine required to keep the batteries charged and the lights on in your RV.

Imagine, never having to hear the roar of a hydrocarbon powered generator kick on again in the middle of the night to keep those batteries charged.

Your furnace fan can continue running and you will never lose heat just because the batteries died. The refrigerator can run on electrical power all the time and not be dependent on temperamental propane ever again. All that is required is the installation of a simple RV wind generator.

Your RV can be parked for months, and you will never have to worry about running out of propane to keep the generator running and the batteries charged so that they are not ruined. Every time the wind blows, they will automatically be brought back to full charge.

The only cost of a RV wind generator is the initial installation cost. You will never pay for generator fuel again. You will have a constant energy source that will never run out. You can camp wherever you wish and not have to pay extra for full hook ups because you carry your own generator that costs nothing to run. In the darkest of nights, you will still have all the power you need for lights to read or for safety.

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