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Residential Generator Reviews

What type of generator should you have at home? What are the factors that you have to consider before buying one?

To answer these questions, we have to first address the second one. When we do, we'll find that being prepared in times of natural disasters - such as the occurrence of tornadoes or hurricanes - is atop the list. Such disastrous events can certainly push us to consider having backup power for our homes.

The diversity of generators that are offered in the market makes you confused as to what type or brand you're going to have at home. Again because of the factor mentioned above, the residential generator you will choose should serve you satisfactorily during an electrical power failure.

Reviews of residential generator brands show that models are now safer and better than those before. However, some of the newer types are difficult to refuel, and this certainly poses a challenge when an outage does occur.

You may want to select from any one of the portable generator models with wheels. Take note, though, review of a residential generator such as this type uses as much as 18 gallons (68.14 liters) of gasoline per day. This means that you've got to have enough fuel ready once an outage occurs, as it may be difficult for you to find a filling station that's open during this time.

One unit that is likely a good alternative is the Northstar 8000TFG. This model uses a liquid propane tank with supply that lasts several days. We find its price reasonable for its wattage (although others may disagree with us).

The Kohler 12RESL may be a good choice also. This model is a stationary, outside-mounted generator, which runs on natural gas or propane. It supplies power of more than 10,000 watts. And the good thing about this model is that it's relatively less expensive than most generators in this category.

You have to be aware that many of the portable generator models claim up to 6000 watts of power. At this level, your residential generator will be able to power your lights and plug-in appliances. But it will most likely fail in case of equipment requiring heavier power.

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