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All Power America Quiet Portable Generator Reviews Model APG3014

Need to find quiet portable generator reviews. We recommend the All Power America APG3014 gas powered portable generator because it has many unique features. This type of generator can perform many tasks. It can be moved from different locations with ease due to its light weight design.

By having a three horse powered 4 stroke motor this generator can handle many light duty jobs. A few of the items it can power are power hand tools such as electric saws, water pumps, house lights and many other 120 volt devices you can think of.

Something like a large air conditioner probably should not be powered by this generator simply because there may not be enough watts to run something like that. This machine produces 2000 watts 1,400 continuously. You can usually find the power required to run the device printed somewhere on the product you want to use with the generator.

Our All Power America quiet portable generator reviews report has found that because of the light weight of this item you can take it anywhere you want. Some people use it in their barns so they can power lights and others keep it stored away until a power outage. This product just weighs over fifty pounds so storage is not a problem because of the size of the unit.

Because this generator motor is a four stroke, there is no need to mix gas with a two stroke solution, just use the same gas that is needed to run most cars. By only having a 3 horse powered motor to run this unit it can run at 50 percent capacity for nine and a half hours without refueling.

This is a nice feature because you do not spent half your time going back and forth to refuel this machine. Another great feature that is very useful on the All Power America APG3014 gas powered portable generator is it is very quiet at only 68db which is lower than some other models available for around the same price.

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