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Questions and Answers About Generators 2

103] I have a Honda ew 171 runs good welder or receptacles won't work . What do I need to check

104] Need to know how to hook up wires to a new plug in receptacle on a Kohler 5000 Class F generator there are 8 wires and only 5 screws, 3 wires are the same color

105] I have a Yamaha 1000 ef I just recently started it after it was sitting for a bit it started right up but it seems to be flooding and gas starts coming out of this tube in the back then it doesn't want to start again

107] My late husband left me a Honda Generator EM400, I would like to sell it but have no idea of it's worth and can't find any on the internet. It's in decent condition and I don't know how many hours is on it.

108] I have a Honda EX650 generator. How do you get the old oil out.

109 I am interested in purchasing a Champion Model 41331 generator for powering my camping trailer but I am concerned about how loud it is. Do you think this model would work for me.

110] I have a GEMCO Diesel Generator. Sometimes main line shuts off and gen-set starts automatically. But when main line turns ON, Gen-Set keeps starting and never shuts OFF automatically for hours and hours. Why?

111] The generator starts but dies off when on load also water from radiator boils

112] How do you remove the generator from a Honda motor on a eb5000x ea7-3182049 generator I need to replace the generator.

113] Good morning, Pls do you carry used generators and what models do you have in stocks? Pls do get back with me the prices and the models that you have, and moreover do let me know if there is a charge on using credit card fro the payment.

114] What is the weight of the black max 5000 watt generator

115] I have a Colman generator and it runs and starts right up but will not produce no power from the pluggs

116] Where do I get spare engine parts for my GEN038, YM6500LQE.

117] Is there a supplier of spare engine parts for the Black Max generator; GEN 038 YM6500LQE

118] I have a Powerstar plus Brushless Generator HT1200c, that my brother mistakenly put in weed eater gasoline...yeah I said the same thing. What exactly does the fuel system entail in this model and what do you suggest I use as a flushing agent...or do I just open it all up and let the gas dry. Could you provide me with a diagram of the fuel system for this generator? I appreciate the input and any help you can provide, thank you.

119] I have a Generac wheelhouse 5550 generator. It is kinda loud. anyway I can make it quieter? thank you

120] What does over crank mean and what causes it? I have a Kohler home backup generator.

121] I have a Honda ex650 generator. It runs great however it puts out 200 volts AC instead of 120 volts. What would cause this?

122] How long can an air cooled home generator run in a day?

123] Cost price and picture Honda portable generator

124] What type of filter circuits are you using for your 10 - KW Do you see any static or trash on your 120 /240 volts output using a oscilloscope? Can you supply me with everything located on your units except for the gas engine? If so what would be the price?

125] What makes a generator go off even when you serviced it a month ago

126] My Homelite portable generator will run but there is no output at the ac receptacle

127] Diesel generator not giving output voltage

128] What is the difference (if any) between the use of Guardian, Centurian or Watchdog in the Generac product line?

129] Petrol + gas 1.5 kv generator takes a long start. what is trouble shoot?

130] Ou et comment se branche la batterie de demarrage

131] With my portable generator on line, incandescent bulbs flicker at a fast rate. The voltage remains stable. I'm wondering if I have frequency problems?

132] Why does high voltage occur when their is an open in the Voltage regulator shunt coil?

134] We have a small 15KVA generator that is running OK but we are only getting zero voltage on 'A' phase, 120v on 'B' Phase and 240v on 'C' Phase. Unit is supposed to generate 400V per phase - Please advise what we need to look for?

135] What is the decibel rating on Black Max 7000?

136] Is the older ex650 Honda geny pure sine wave

137] I have a boat with this Kohler 5ecd generator in it from the factory. It is an 2006 model, the Generator has only 38 hours. After storing for the winter, and priming to use this spring, I was getting the LOC code. It would run for maybe 20 secs then shutdown. after 2 or 3 times trying this I checked the impeller and found it with some broken vanes. I replaced the impeller, and the unit fired up and seemed to run fine. Ran for about 5 minutes lots of water flow, thought everything was fine. A few days later went to use the unit and it will not crank at all? The CC-1 code comes up but will not crank. I have read the manual, checked all fuses, Batteries are good.

138] Diesel generator does not run on 240v but does on 115v. model no nixon hdg 5000s

139] I want to know the cost for portable generator, 4 units to TN shipping will be taking care of through my shipping company just get back to me with the total cost for the order. payment will be made by my credit card. looking forward to read from you

140] What kind of oil can I put on my generator Honda e2000ui

141] I have a Mitsubishi MGE6700 generator which we used to build the cabin. Now since we are off grid I want to power my main panel with it. It will be 60ft. from the cabin and I will run 8-2 + grd. Should I use the 120v twist plug? What capacity is it rated at? What model number male end should I use? Will it take the 8-2 wire?

142] What size inverter generator will I need to purchase to be able to run a Heron 3.0 caravan air-conditioner and also be able sensitive enough to run a laptop computer not necessarily at the same time. Your comments will be appreciated

143] Do you know if there is a kit to convert a Kohler 11RMY generator from natural gas to lp?

144] Can I get diesel generator of 100KW with IP 62 rating

145] My Mom gave me her 5+ yr old Coleman 1850. Unfortunately, the "included DC charging cable" was not included. Any ideas?

146] Where would I get a owners manual for the Coleman powermate pulse 1850 sport portable generator, with 12volt charging system

147] I have a generator 10kw Generac centurion. The problem with the generator is when I change the gas cylinder for a new one and i try to start the generator he try to start but doesn't run.

148] Generac Generator flywheel no longer magnetized? Will not start?

149] The generator runs on 240 side but not on the 110side

150] What is the best way to regulate the electric-AVG or inverter? What about auto throttle?

151] I have a Generac model 052421 not sensing utility power so I checked the transformer , have 240 vac going in but not 16 vdc coming out so I replaced it , the same thing, and I also found that I have no 12vdc at wire number 23 and 194 inside the transfer switch, so I'm thinking now that the 12vdc transfer relay is bad but there is one also located by control board in the generator itself, please help

152] I have 7000 watt generator it only generates on 220 it will not run on 110. it is a 7000 watt united power generator. is there a reset button i cannot find or fuse. the 110 will work when there is a load on 220.

153] I have a diesel portable generator Chinese made it runs okay but the out put power is very low. not enough to generate electricity

154] My fault circuit breaker pops when I'm going down the road. Any ideas why

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