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Proven Wind Turbines Review

Wind turbines are exceptional devices. Along with solar panels and other renewable energy sources, wind turbines have provided a large amount of the world's 'free' electricity and will continue to do so into the foreseeable future. They come in many different designs from your typical vertical, bladed wind turbine to your double helix turbines, all of which are designed for different purposes.

For home use, it's important to choose a turbine that's suited not only to the space constraints and wind access, but also to the wind speeds, as turbines designed for higher wind speeds will function worse in lower wind speeds and vice versa. Proven wind turbines are devices created by the company Proven and their turbines are unique in various designs.

How Are They Different

Typically, wind turbines function by utilizing the wind to push the rotors, which is basically kinetic energy being converted into electricity. High wind scenarios can often be too much for the rigid rotors of vertical, bladed turbines, as the spread pressure can cause damage inevitably if it's not designed for those high speeds. Helical designs are meant for low wind speeds. But Proven's turbines have a number of designs within that separates it from the rest.

The rotors have unique pitching and coning technology, which allows the blades to bend to account for the wind. This also allows the turbine to keep spinning at a steady rate, rather than speeding up past it's accepted speed. Furthermore, it prevents the high winds from putting too much pressure onto the turbine. Proven wind turbines are also provided with technology that negates the need for braking and a gear box. The result is higher reliability, quieter operation and maximum yield.

Furthermore, they can also function in pretty much every environmental condition and will turn to face the wind, maximizing production. These turbines are excellent and are provided by a reputably company that provides a sizable portion of the world's small wind turbine production. Fortunately, they also provide dozens of varying sizes of Proven wind turbines for many different situations.

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