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Silent Primepact Propane 5Kw Portable Generator

Generac has been in business for more than 35 years, and has a good reputation. Due to this, their gensets are popular and campers are happy to trust their machines to keep their camper vans ready to use. With a Silent Primepact propane 5KW portable generator, you can hit the open road and not have to worry about anything but your destination.

If it is a quiet, propane powered genset that you want, then this is the one to go for. It is ideal for use in caravans, as it is so quiet, there will not be a complaint from fellow campers. There are plenty of other vehicles that will benefit from one including horse trailers, travel trailers and fire/rescue vehicles.

This propane 5kw portable generator will reach full power at 120 vaults and provide the most KW per dollar. As it has a Generacs OHVE engine it is considered to be the most cost effective generator of its size.

If there is a problem with the item, it is easy to deal with due to its single sided serviceability. This means that all working parts are easy to access, and do not need to be completely dismantled. The RhinoCoat finishing means that the appliance is exceptionally durable.

It is not too heavy to take around, weighing just 200lbs and measures 25.5 x 18.88 x 16.75 inches. With single cylinder displacement and wattage of 4500 it is a smooth runner. New cooling practiced means that the machine will not overheat and there are fewer breakdowns. As it is RVIA, EPA and CARB emissions compliant, there is no need to worry about your carbon footprint

The manufacturers are confident of the reliability of the machine and give it a 3 year warranty. This is transferable so will be an extra bargaining tool if you do need to sell. It is hard to see how you can go wrong if you buy a Silent Primepact propane 5KW portable generator.

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