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Home Power Generators Review

Home power generators provides extreme power in a completely portable unit. Two great models come from Sport Pac and Marina. One model is made for outdoor use and can even jump start a vehicle. The other is made for the water and for withstanding the environment of a boat.

The Sport Pac portable home power generators come in two styles, either the AC 110 volt or the DC 12 volt. These units easily recharge in a vehicle for the person on the go with their built in battery charger. They are compact and durable. Once charged it can be stored without losing any energy for six months.

It also features an emergency light that can be positioned for maximum use. It also has plastic safety grips to protect from shorting and sparks. This powerful model is ideal for use during camping or other outdoor use.

Marina portable home power generators are durable enough to last through exposure to chemicals, cold and heat. It features insulated safety clamps to prevent sparking. It also has 4 foot cables that are good for high current and provide great flexibility.

All the electrical parts are protected from corrosion. It features a 12 volt battery with a 12 volt DC output socket. The battery is sealed so it may be stored in any position. It also comes with a water resistant storage bag. This model is great for use on a boat.

These are two examples of strong portable home power generators. Both the Sport Pac and Marina units provide extreme power backed by safety construction and ease of use. These units provide power when there is no other option.

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