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Diesel Backup Generators Reviews
Quieter and more Mobile

Diesel backup generators are no longer loud, heavy units. Today’s models features noise reduction and lightweight construction. Once chosen for their longer run time, portable diesel generators now offer everything a customer desires in one unit.

The Onan Pro Series offers diesel backup generators that range from 2000 to 5000 watts. They are heavy duty and can handle long running time. They work well when the situation calls for fast power. They are also light weight and easy to use in situations where they may need to be used in remote locations. They feature larger fuel tanks for longer run times, automatic shut off when oil levels run low for motor preservation, and dolly kits for easy portability.

RedHawk offers many different models that provide a various level of power. They can be used for home needs or taken on the road for use in a motor home or at a camp site. One RedHawk unit is the DG6LNB model which has a 10 horse power engine. It includes a wheel kit for portability and a closed frame for reduced noise.

Both Onan and RedHawk focus on providing reliable diesel energy. By adding features that reduce noise and increase portability, these new portable diesel backup generators give customers what they want. The strength and power of these units are not diminished, just made better. Diesel has always been a strong contender when it comes to power, but often lost out to quieter energy, like electricity. These new models are changing the way customers think of diesel power.

Benefits of a 15kw Portable Diesel Generator
The number one reason that people purchase the 15kw portable diesel generator is that it can withstand almost anything that is thrown at it

Can Diesel Portable Generators be run on Waste Oil
For one reason or the next a lot of people ask this question because they are not exactly sure of what kind of fuel they

Large Diesel Generators from China
One of the major manufacturers in eastern China of large diesel generators sells a model 3OG-LHE Deutz diesel generator with a Stamford genset

Where to Find Low RPM Diesel Generators
Most low rpm diesel generators made in China are actually very reliable and come with cast iron blocks that are heavy duty and highly reliable

Filters for Maintaining Diesel Fuel for Generators
From one diesel fuel filter vendor for generator maintenance you can get filters of just about any type

5+ Onan Diesel Portable Generator Advantages
The Onan is a great generator to buy if you are looking for a unit that will be able to last a long time regardless of what you put it through

Why you Need a Small Portable Diesel 3000 Watt Generator
A small portable diesel generator 3000 watt unit is a great thing to have because it is very unobtrusive

Amico 4000 Watt Diesel Generator
Whether you need emergency power on the jobsite or for business, or you need emergency power in your home in an event of power outages

Perfect Generator for the Jobsite Amico 4000 Watt Diesel Generator
It's not really the perfect generator for residential areas, but it does make up for its fuel efficiency

Amico 6000 Watt Diesel Generator
One great feature that I love about the Amico 6,000 watt diesel generator is that it is equipped with a low oil indicator and automatic shutoff system

Amico 6000 Watt Diesel Generator W/ Remote Control Gets the Job Done
Although it's not really a quiet generator, it does make up for it with a consistent and steady supply of electricity

Blue Max 6,000 Watt Diesel Powered Generator
Being able to provide a continuous 5000 watts of electricity, it was able to power my fridge, my TV, and even my air conditioning unit as well as the lights

Blue Max 7,500 Watt Diesel Powered Generator
The only downside of the generator is that it is a non-CARB compliant generator

Lightweight Diesel Generators: Ensures Long-Lasting Power Supply
Instead they are more powerful than their immediate counterparts - petrol generators

How Loud Are Diesel Generators
In the world of at home generators you have a choice between electric, gas, and diesel generators

Chinese Diesel Portable Generators For Every Use
Weighing in just a few pounds per unit these generators can provide you with some electricity although don't expect it to power up your fridge and television

Kohler 25kw Diesel Generator Reviews Safety Tips
The Kohler 25kw diesel generator is self contained with the fuel tank just under the engine. It's portable and can be stored in a shed or garage

Buy A Reliable Diesel Generator
There are also no spark plugs so you do not need to replace them or clean them

10 Kw Silent Diesel Generator - Perfect Residential Generator
A silent diesel generator is protected in a housing made of soundproof material or acoustic shield

Pro Series Diesel Portable Generator Review
When you have a generator such as this you don't have to think about working without lights

Diesel Generators For Home Use ETQ DG6LE
This is one of the best types of machines for long time running. ETQ DG6LE 6000 Watt 10 HP 418 cc diesel generators for home use are known to run for over 10 hours at a time

Pramac GSW35Y Diesel Standby Home Generators
These diesel standby home generators have an operating speed of 1800rpm and also has 4 inline cylinders and disposition. The exhaust emission for the Pramac GSW35Y is EPA TIER4

Power Guard Diesel Generators
Power Guard is one of the companies and manufacturers of electronics that specializes in the designing as well as the manufacturing of durable management solutions

Caterpillar Diesel Generator Set
Another thing that these Caterpillar diesel generator sets are well-known for is their practically world-class fuel efficiency system as well as low life cycle expenses and maintenance costs

Durostar Ds7200q Diesel Home Generators
The display of these Durostar diesel home generators is the most advanced in the world. It will signal if there is any kind of problem, from low fuel to oil pressure

Why Choose A Low Speed Diesel Generator
This is also the perfect solution for rural areas or out of the way places where there is no other available power source

Aurora Portable Diesel Generators
The Aurora diesel generator has a fuel pre heater that is designed to warm the fuel mixture before starting which is beneficial for easy starts

Eagle Diesel Generator Review
There are a few different features that set this machine apart from the competition. For starters, it features alarms to let you know when it needs things like oil

Best Small Diesel Generator
Compared to a gas run generator, a diesel-powered generator will work for more years, simply by the fact that there is no overheating

Diesel Turbine Generator Model# DGS106
The noise free engine is quite prudent for use in showrooms, homes or offices. With the support of a single cylinder, the four stroke engine helps in resolving most winter power woes

Cummins Diesel Generator 250KVA
This large power source has been designed with a dimension span of 2500 by 1000 by 1600mm and weighs a heavy 2900kg. It comes with a frequency of 50Hz and has a rpm of 1500

Efficient Diesel Generators All Power America APG3202
Reasons to purchase this brand include its durability. For the price that one pays, it is very economical for the quality of the product. It is also compact

Cheap Diesel Generators ETQ DG4LE
The ETQ DG4LE 8 HP 296cc diesel powered portable generator is one of the best cheap diesel generators rated for 4900 watts of maximum output. It will run nearly anything at the job site

Winco Portable Diesel Generators RP25
The Winco RP25 has a 7 gauge, 45 gallon fuel tank that can run up to 50 hours when run on half load. It also comes with a removable hitch, and a weight of 2820 lbs

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