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Honeywell HW6200 Portable Gas Generators

When portable gas generators are needed there are many to choose from. This article is written about the Honeywell HW6200 7750 Watt 13 HP 389cc OHV portable gas powered home generator and what you can expect when you purchase it. Here are some of the features and the benefits that come with it.

The Honeywell HW6200 is a powerful machine that has been designed for home use. This generator has been made with an over sized muffler which is beneficial for quiet operation. This allows a person to still move around comfortably without their ears becoming sore from the sound.

These Honeywell portable gas generators also come with a Big Bore engine that is 4 stroke and 389 cc. It has a continuous wattage of 6200 and a maximum wattage of 7750. This means that this generator is designed for powerful output and is reliable all the time whenever you need it to be.

This machine also comes with a 3 year warranty and also consists of never flat wheels which is beneficial for saving money. It also has four 120 volt, 15 to 20 amp Ac outlets, as well as a 120 to 240 volt, L14 30 amp AC outlet. This machine weighs 207 pounds and has a shipping weight of 209 pounds. It is also NON CARB compliant and is not for sale in the state of California. It also consists of dimensions that are 29 by 27 by 29 inches which is ideal for around the house.

Honeywell HW6200 portable gas generators are beneficial for home use and for a blackout or other power shortage. If you are looking for one that is suitable for all your house needs then why not take a look at what this generator has to offer at the price that it is, and see why many people are choosing it for all their power needs.

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