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UST Portable Gas Generator Reviews Model GG1200

Do you need to find new portable gas generator reviews for some reason or other, and you are unsure as to what type or size you should get. Well this small article is designed to introduce you to the new UST GG1200 portable gas powered generator. This generator has been built with the user in mind with many different benefits and features that will make this generator a cut above the rest.

The GG1200 runs on 1200 watts with a surge of 100 watts. Although this generator is not as big as some it can still pack a punch with 9 hours of running time when run a 50 percent load on a 1.5 gallon fuel tank. This is beneficial because it will last the day when it is needed for outdoor use.

Our UST portable gas generator reviews report has determined that it has a continuous output, with a powerful 79.5 cc 4 stroke/air cooled OHV engine of 24Hp. It means that when you take it with you, you can be guaranteed a powerful output when working on a job.

This generator is light weight, weighing 57 pounds for easy transportation and movement from different locations. It also has 3 outlets, one 12-Volt and 10 AMP DC Outlet, as well as two 120-Volt AC Outlets. The GG 1200 makes working a dream and is made with strength and sturdiness in mind. It will last a long while and stand up to almost anything. It is reliable and can easily tackle most tasks.

If you need a generator that is easy to move and take with you when you are in a hurry, then why not check out the UST GG1200 generator. This generator is beneficial for any user who needs a no hassle portable machine. So when you are on the move, why not do yourself a favor and see what this little beauty has to offer.

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