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Perkins Diesel Engine Generator Reviews

For diesel generator power applications of up to 2264 kVA, a Perkins engine is suitable. Its comprehensive range of specs (Electropak trademark) makes it complete and ready to operate.

Perkins diesel engine generator reviews reveal it has adopted the latest technology, ensuring its high quality. We begin enumerating its features with its high-strength, low-carbon steel welded bedplate. It has a built-in shockproof device for whole hoisting and installation.

In addition, the Perkins diesel engine generator has a 10-hour base fuel tank. Its electronic injection series is adapted to ECM, or the electronic fuel management system standard. It also has advanced coating for stress and wear resistance.

There are many reasons to appreciate the Perkins diesel engine generator, and we mention five here:

1. It's compact and light, which means it uses less space and is easy to carry.

2. It's low in oil consumption.

3. It performs stably under almost all conditions.

4. It's easy to maintain and involves reasonable cost to operate.

5. It has low emission (sound and vibration), which makes it ideal as a standby unit.

The Perkins 1006 series diesel engine-powered generator may be singled out as a good option. This unit is fully equipped with any of the well-known brands of alternator and control unit. It is highly efficient and reliable with features that set the oil temperature/pressure, water temperature, and speed at correct levels.

Summing up, we find the Perkins diesel engine generator a good choice for its turbo system, automatic voltage and speed regulators, direct injection oil, and stable frequency.

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