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Champion 1500 Watt Mini Gas Turbine Generator

In times of power outage, a Champion 1500 watt portable gas powered generator may be the perfect mini gas turbine generator. It is portable, lightweight, and has a genuine branded engine. This transportable machine has a fuel tank that has a 1.2 gallon capacity. It is capable of running continuously for about 10 hours. It has a circuit breaker which is certified by the EPA and CARB.

It is of high quality with an oil dipstick as its only plastic part. Everything about this machine is made of metal or steel which provides its sturdiness and makes it last for a long time despite having gone through rough times.

As it is lightweight, it can so easily be moved from one place to another whether you want it at your deck, or outdoors even without its wheels. You will know that heavy generators have discouraged many from purchasing them because of its bulk and difficulty of moving them around.

You can test the engine of this Champion mini gas turbine generator by shutting off your home's main circuit breaker. Take a 15A wire and connect both of its ends to a 3 prong plug. After that, attach one end of the wire to the machine and the other to one of the outlets in your house.

By doing this, you will get to see how the turbine could power almost everything in your house. A refrigerator though must receive all the power coming from the generator for it to work. For garage doors however, they open while the generator power is shared among other fixtures and small appliances.

An advantage when using this product is that it has a 10A circuit breaker that prevents fire or overload. It also has a low level oil shut off that prevents damage to the engine. You won't bother the neighbors only when their windows are shut. However when storms occur and power outages happen, they'd wish they owned one Champion 1500 watt portable gas powered generator.

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