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Make a Mini Wind Generator and Win a Prize

If you know how to make a mini wind generator - whether it's for use in your boat, your home, on the job site, or just for fun - you can compete to be named the best of the best mini wind generator makers.

The competition we found is actually in the UK but it sounds like great fun for those who know how and enjoy making a mini wind boat generator. You can build a mini wind generator, the contest application states, for less than $175. To compete in this "how to make a mini wind generator" competition your generator must not offer more than 20 watts of power at 12 volts. While all you win is a flashlight you do get your 15 minutes of fame as the winner, both in the local paper and online.

The organization that offers this mini wind generator competition has also held contests for other green inventions. The last was the organization's eco-tech competition. The winning design was for FM headphones that were both solar and cordless.

The reason behind the contest is to generate interest in wind as an alternative energy resource. Mini wind generators can be used in your home, in a taxi in Japan, while camping at a remote location - lots of clever uses.

The organization's Web site features many boat, home, and work mini wind generators and generator uses, most of them very low cost. A lot of them are made from salvaged or adapted generator parts, some of them from bicycles.

Do it yourselfers that know how to or want to learn how to make a mini wind generator and compete have until October to submit her or his contest application. There is no entry fee.

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