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Magna Generator Reviews

Many people choose a generator set often on the basis of its being ideal for use both in homes and at campsites. A Magna generator may then be a good choice when it comes to this.

Two Magna generator reviews to look at are models - the Magna SF2700 and the Magna SF3300 - may be considered for this purpose. Here are their features and the things they can provide you:

Magna SF2700:

This inverter generator has a computer inverter module that monitors and adjusts the voltage/power output to keep it at 120VAC. Its engine speed is automatically regulated according to the load because of the smart-throttle, which is a unique feature of this model. What this translates to is a reduction in fuel consumption by about 40% when compared with the fixed-speed type of generators.

The Magna SF2700 generator, when compared with conventional constant generators, is about 4 to 8 times quieter because of its two-tiered noise-diminishing system. It has a high-quality gasoline engine for high efficiency and durability. You will appreciate this unit for its being light, making it ideal for bringing along on trips.

Magna SF3300:

Review of this Magna generator model reveals it is a digital inverter enclosed generator with wireless remote start and electric start - features that make it the first portable generator of its kind on the market. The unit's wireless remote start feature has a range of 100 feet (30.5 meters) and is thus convenient to use. Adding to the convenience is the built-in automatic choke, which makes it easy to run this generator.

At the instance of setting the unit in operation, it can provide 4000 watts of power for a couple seconds. This high power provision at startup makes it easy for this Magna generator to start a 13500 BTU air conditioner, and it eliminates the need for an adapter.

In general, a Magna generator can serve you efficiently and conveniently, whether you use it while camping out or at home.

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