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Low Speed Wind Generator Reviewed

A low speed wind generator, whether turbine or rotor designed, is not only valuable as an alternate resource at home in case of electrical outage or while camping or vacationing in a remote location, it's also good for the environment as well as your wallet.

Lots of people, especially the "tree hugger" folks that are constantly looking for ways to save and protect the environment, are enthralled by the idea of a low speed wind generator, just as they are taken with solar energy and other energy alternatives beyond fossil fuel.

However, there are certain qualifiers to make a low speed wind generator with turbine and rotor to be workable and cost effective for you. These generators won't work, for example, if the wind speed is not at least 10 or 12 miles per hour. There are many sources of information on whether your location would generally come under this category.

Before you install your low speed wind generator, design or buy your turbine and rotor, talk to either the closest airport's executives, the folks at a nearby weather station or perhaps the federal Bureau of Reclamation. If you are in California the state energy commission can give you that information. If you are in TVA territory the Tennessee Valley authority has recently updated assessments of local winds.

That doesn't mean, however, that if you don't always qualify you can't use low speed wind generators some of the time, or in particular seasons. As a rule of thumb in most areas of the U.S. it is windiest during the winter and spring. You could, then, save your low speed wind generator for use in heating during the cold months.

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