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Lennox Guardian Generator Reviews

Many people are turning to Lennox Guardian generator reviews because of storms, natural disasters, or other unexpected power outages. They can not only cause headaches when they first happen, but will continue to cause you problems until your power is restored. This might only take a few hours or a couple of days, or it might take weeks. Having backup power that is safe and reliable will give you the peace of mind you are looking for during one of these stressful times. This is one of the many benefits of owning Lennox residential generators.

The power is automatic and comes on within 10 seconds of an outage. Unlike power grids that are potentially over-burdened and definitely not error-free, you can rely on a generator to come on when it is needed. Your food will not spoil, your heat will keep working, and you won't be moving around dangerously in the dark. In short, your life will not be interrupted.

Our Lennox Guardian generator reviews have that they are available in different sizes and different power sources (natural gas or propane), its regulated voltage will protect your electronics while giving you what you require to continue using your necessities. Lennox products make the smallest amount of noise when they are in use, as compared to all other competitor tests.

With your purchase, you are given a five year limited warranty for parts and a two year one for labor. The size of the machine you buy will depend on whether you are just looking to keep the basics (fridge, lighting, TV and Computer, etc...) running, or if you might need more. Lennox can help you determine this using their Generator Sizing Tool.

Lennox Guardian generator reviews report that these generators perform their own diagnostic tests every week to ensure they run when you need them. They are easy to install and maintain and have all been tested before they arrive at your door. They remain in standby mode when they are not used (except when running the diagnostics) and emergency power mode when you need them.

Lennox residential generators all abide to strict regulations and standards of the company to ensure customer satisfaction no matter which model you purchase. When you call you will speak with an independent dealer for quality and dedicated customer service. They will know how to get you what you need.

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