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Kubota 6500 Generator Reviews

Families Buying a Kubota 6500 generator was a choice we recently decided on. There were numerous reasons for this.

First is that the unit's compact design requires less space to operate it. This translates to an increased range of its possible applications.

Second is that the Kubota 6500 generator has a center lifting eye, which makes it easy to transport.

We decided to go for the Kubota 6500 generator also because of its large-capacity tank and fuel-efficient engine. These features guarantee longer hours of uninterrupted operation when needed.

Reviewed here are five other features of the Kubota 6500 generator that we think will serve our particular requirements:

1. Its crankshaft, crankcase, and other parts that are subject to regular wear during use have been strengthened or made rigid. This should make for very little doubt as to its durability.

2. It does not overheat, precisely because of its liquid-cooling system. Its reliability, therefore, shouldn't be much of an issue.

3. It emits low noise. This is obviously due to its extra large muffler and specially designed insulating liner, which also guarantee low-level vibration.

4. It operates stably, thanks to its governor which responds promptly to load fluctuations.

5. Maintaining the Kubota 6500 generator is easy because of its large swing-up side panel.

Reviews of other features of the Kubota 6500 generator include the following: automatic safety shutdowns for low oil pressure to protect its engine; weather-resistant enclosure; automatic air bleed system for easy maintenance; ground fault circuit interrupters to protect against shock; automatic auto-idle for engine speed reduction to reduce fuel consumption; and two-wheel kits for ease of mobility.

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