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Kipor Generators KGE3500Tc, Your Portable Power Plant for Any Use

While Kipor may not be a name many have heard, this is a generator that has proven its worth in Europe and has slowly been making a name for itself in the US. With the Kipor generators KGE3500Tc, you have the power and reliability of a well established generator manufacturer in your hands.

Able to produce a maximum of 3000 watts, Kipor generators KGE3500Tc can be used for any on the job site, emergency power and domestic use whenever power is needed.

This is a generator that embodies portability. With a 50% size decrease from conventional generators, Kipor has made the KGE3500Tc powerful yet small. Its durability is a testament of its 20 hours load or 9 hours full load continuous running time.

Using automotive unleaded gasoline, the Kipor KGE3500Tc generator offers low fuel consumption reducing to about 20-40 % consumption as compared to other generators in its class. This is due to the smart throttle system which automatically lowers the running cycle when maximized power is not needed.

Plus, you get unadulterated power with its digital system that uses an inverter to filter out the electrical output to eliminate wave distortion and power fluctuation. This means that even the most sensitive equipments can be plugged in without the danger of damaging it. This also eliminates the need for automatic voltage regulators.

With its quiet operation and environment friendly emissions, the Kipor KGE3500Tc is still the best in its class.

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