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Kipor Generator KDE 6700

Powered by diesel, the Kipor generator KDE 6700 is one of the most lightweight portable generators available in the market today. Matched up against conventional generators, the Kipor KDE 6700 is 50 percent smaller in dimension and weight, yet the power is not compromised.

Capable of producing 4500 watts, the KDE 6700 has gained accolades in many reviews that have been done on it. This is true power portability wherever and whenever needed.

With the KDE 6700 generator, you get quiet operations provided by a two-tier noise decreasing system brought by a sound-proofing cube box encasing the motor.

Kipor has provided this generator with a built-in microprocessor to provide in smooth, refined and cleaned energy all the time. The processor filters the initial power output of the alternator resulting to minimized fluctuation of the voltage and distortion of the waves.

Plus, with its newly designed “green” operation, the KDE 6700 is environment friendly and meets the highest environmental standards.

Other features of the Kipor generator KDE 6700 are:

Electric starter for easy starting
New Automatic Voltage Regulator providing smooth flowing power
Automatic shut down when oil pressure is low
Low fuel consumption with the “smart throttle”
High continuous running time
2-year warranty

So for your back up power needs, on the job site power needs, emergency power needs, the portable Kipor KDE 6700 is still your best choice. Check out the Internet for a plethora of sites offering generators and you will see the KDE 6700 generator in the frontline.

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