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Kipor Generator KDE19STA

Whether it’s a cross country trip in your recreational vehicle (RV) or as a back up generator for your home, the Kipor generator KDE19STA is a great choice for its dependability, reliability and all around performance.

Powered by a diesel fed engine, the Kipor generator KDE19STA provides a long continuous running time with a single full tank. This is great for many camping trips in your RV or Motor Home. You can even just pack it up in the back of your truck and use it in the mountains or near the lake.

This is easily done because of its portability. With a 50% reduction compared to traditional regulators, a Kipor generator can be brought anywhere with relative ease.

While the decrease in size and weight is noticeable, the power of the KDE 19STA is never compromised. You still get 4500 watts of unadulterated power brought upon by a digital technology that filters the output.

This means that all your equipments are safe and you don’t even need to purchase an AVR as you can be sure that no power fluctuations are felt. Consistent, smooth electric output is guaranteed with its inverter.

Enjoying nature and the outdoors is made easy as you can easily listen to the sounds of the wind and the animals around you, even when the generator is in operation. This is because Kipor generators are designed to have a quiet operation brought upon by its two-tiered casing.

You don’t have to worry about the environment as well, as the Kipor KDE19STA generator has safe emissions and has passed the stringent environmental standards.

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