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Kipor KGE12STAFO Silent Type Diesel Generator

As a business owner who owns an establishment that requires nonstop electricity, you have to consider the fact that I do need a way to cope with power outages. Having no electricity can be bad for my business and because of this I went out and purchased a generator that will be able to provide my establishment with nonstop supply of electricity. Considering the quality of the generator as well as the power it produces, I chose the Kipor KGE12STAFO silent type diesel generator.

The great thing about this generator and the reason why I chose this one is that it can provide a 10,500 watt output. That's a lot of power and considering the business I'm in, this power can be a lot of help. Also, the fuel tank capacity is 6.2 gallons for diesel. Another reason why I got this generator is the running time it provides at full load. With a full tank of diesel, it was able to run 8 hours on full load. The noise level is actually quite good. It only produces 70 to 74 decibels of noise at a distance of 7 meters. Now this is definitely one silent generator that is quite rare to find in a diesel generator.

The innovative design also reduces the amount of vibration. Also, it uses a balancer shaft and a 4 point mounting system to ensure a smoother operation. It is also programmable to automatically start when you experience power failure from your main source of electricity. Also, with an electric starter, it is very easy to start. At just a push of a button, you will be able to get power back on immediately. Truly, if you want the best quality diesel generator, I would definitely recommend the Kipor KGE 12STAFO silent type diesel generator.

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