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How To Install A Natural Gas Generator

There are quite a lot of reasons that you will want to install a gas generator in your home. Should you be the kind of person who is always concerned about a power outage and you do not want to lose any electrical energy for your appliances then having a generator will be your answer to this problem. Here is some help on how to install a natural gas generator in your home.

When you go out and purchase this generator here is some help on what you need to complete the job. There are several tools and material that you shall need such as a gas line, transfer switch, shovel, rollers, pallet and a natural gas generator. Before you begin your project, first decide just where you want this generator to be installed. After you have located a spot then you want to prepare it. Strip everything off that is not made of any soil then just compact everything that is left and then be sure to add some stone dust to the dirt.

Now put the generator onto the pallet then move it to its location. Be sure to use the roller when moving, as is can be quite heavy to handle. After the generator is in its spot then you can carefully remove it from the rollers.

For you to get the maximum amount from this generator you shall need for installing the transfer switch right to your house. This transfer switch shall allow you to be able to manually switch to this generator whenever there is a power outage. This way you will be certain that you have a supply of electrical energy to operate whatever it is needed in the home, as this is all part of how to install a natural gas generator.

Next you will want to contact the power company then get them to cut off all the power supply going to your home. After this is done then you can safely install the transfer switch up the generator. Then contact the power company to restore your power service. It is a good idea to hire a professional to handle this part of the project due to the fact that this can be very complicated and will involve having someone will enough skill and knowledge to complete the job.

Then you need to connect your generator up to your gas line. To do this you need to run the gas line and then test it and then connect it to the generator. It is again a good idea for you to hire a professional for this part of the job too. Whenever working with a gas line it can be complicated and very dangerous too. So this is how to install a natural gas generator.

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