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Honeywell Generator Reviews

When it comes to choosing the type of generator that can best serve your needs, you may want to consider buying a Honeywell generator. The portable and standby types of Honeywell generators function efficiently, are powerful, and, on top of all, are easy to operate.

The HW1000i, the HW4000, and the HW5500 are three the Honeywell generator review models you may want to look at.

Honeywell 1000i:

The HW1000i Inverter Generator is an excellent portable power supplier and is ideal for camping. This Honeywell generator model provides clean, quiet and efficient power that makes it perfect for your recreational needs. Running on gasoline, it can produce 900 watts of power. On a full tank, this unit, which weighs only 30 lbs. (13.5 kgs.), will run for 5 hours.

Because it's an inverter type, this unit supplies clean power to run computer equipment and such other high performance electronics. Also, it outputs both 12V DC power and 120V outlet power. This Honeywell generator unit is thus ideal for taking and using almost anywhere.

Honeywell 4000:

This Honeywell generator model is a portable electronic type of generator that's ideal for residential use. It can serve as a reliable backup for electric power generation in homes. It's remarkable for its durability and for its quiet operation, with its oversized muffler having been designed specifically for this purpose.

The HW4000 generator has color-coded starting controls and a simplified power control center that make it easy to operate. On purchase, the following are included: a handle with high leverage to facilitate mobility; a full wheel kit; and your first liter of oil plus an oil funnel to pour it.

Honeywell 5500:

This Honeywell generator model is a highly-reliable and powerful unit that comes with a battery starter for easy operation. Like the HW4000 model, the HW5500 generator has oversized muffler, providing the user with the added benefit of quiet operation.

Running on gas, the HW5500 fuel tank has a capacity of 6.5 gallons, and can run for 9 hours even with just 50% load. It can provide up to 6875 watts.

The following are included when you purchase the HW5500 generator: a handle with high leverage for ease of mobility; a full wheel kit (its wheels are never-flat); electric start with on board battery and recoil; 30amp 4-way tap power cord that's 20 feet long; and your first liter of oil plus an oil funnel to pour it.

Honeywell generators provide safe and reliable service. They are designed with features to protect users, and thus guarantee their peace of mind.

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