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Honda EX650 Generator: Mixing Power with Portability

When it comes to generators, Honda is the name of choice, especially when it comes to portable generators, such as the Honda EX650 Generator. This generator is the lightest generator ever made by Honda and has a maximum of 650 watts output.

Honda portable generators are very reliable and very light in weight. Depending on your electrical needs, the Honda EX650 Generator can provide you up to 650 watts maximum power capacity. This particular generator is perfect for camping or anywhere in the world where you might need electricity.

Just imagine, if you are out camping and you need electrical lights for more comfort or if you need to charge your mobile phone, this generator can provide you with the electricity you need.

Honda EX650 generator only weighs 19 pounds. However, this generator packs a full 650 watts of power. Enough to let you operate a small power drill, radio, TV, fluorescent lights and can even be enough to charge your car’s battery. This proves that this generator can be handy for entertainment purposes or for emergency situations.

Another great feature of this particular generator is that it operates at a very low sound. With this feature, you can watch TV or listen to your radio without even knowing that this generator is turned on.

Although this model has been discontinued and was replaced by the EU1000, the EX650 model is still a great value in the used market. So, if you are looking for a portable generator to power small electrical devices as well as a generator that can run smoothly and quietly, the EX650 generator can still be purchased in auction sites or other websites that sells used generators. Now, with this portable generator, you can bring entertainment anywhere you like.

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