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PowerStation Home Standby Generator Reviews Model PM400911

Need to read a good home standby generator reviews description. We recommend the PowerStation PM400911 standby generator because it has many benefits to offer you. This item is very quiet for having a 20 HP Honda motor running it. This machine runs a self test every two weeks to ensure top performance.

The PowerStation pm400911 is enclosed in galvanized steel to help with the weathering of this product. This feature will help make your investment last longer by protecting it from corrosion. The generator is fueled by natural gas or LP. Also the PowerStation can be hooked up to monitor your power and if the power goes off your generator will kick on and take over. Then when the energy is restored it will shut back off.

With having all the power necessary to run this machine properly the surprisingly quiet twenty HP Honda motor is amazing. It is rated 68db at twenty three feet when using full power. Another benefit is that this machine is not air cooled. This means it will run cooler for longer periods of time being able to give you all the power you need.

Our PowerStation home standby generator reviews report has established that this engine is very efficient for the job it does. You will notice that this model will not use very much fuel compared to several other power generators.

This machine does a self check twice a month to ensure it is working properly. It is nice to know if your standby is working right before you really need it. There is also a diagnostic system with visible led indicator lights.

The PowerStation PM400911 standby generator comes with a standard warranty that is perfect for anyone. This item has a standard warranty of three years or fifteen hundred hours of run time protection. That is more than enough to cover what you need.

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