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Gentron Pro2 Generator Reviews

Some brands of generators have virtually become household names because many of their respective models have consistently been topping the market alternately for years.

Of late, we have become familiar with Gentron Pro2 generator reviews.

Our recent interest centered on three models - the Gentron Pro2 3500, the Gentron Pro2 6000, and the Gentron Pro2 10000.

Gentron Pro2 3500:

This is a 3,500-watt generator with electric start. It has a "super quiet" muffler that reduces engine noise. As most of the other Gentron Pro2 generator models are known, the Gentron Pro2 3500 generator can easily run a variety of tools and appliances simultaneously.

Studying its manual, we'll find these other features: a new tech throttle with idle control to minimize fuel consumption and reduce noise; an EZ electric and pull start with key switch; and an exhaust equipped with spark arrestor, to comply with park requirements.

Gentron Pro2 6000:

This is classified as a propane generator, also with electric start. As will be noted from its manual, this generator model runs on a 13HP OHV engine. It has an electric start and pull start, an automatic fuel shut-off safety valve, and a 6,000-watt surge.

Review of other features of the Gentron Pro2 6000 generator include two AC 120V outlets, an AC 120V twist-lock outlet, a DC 12V outlet, and an hour meter for ease of maintenance. Likewise included are a propane fuel hose and a wheel kit with 10-inch solid rubber tires.

Gentron Pro2 10000:

This is a 10,000-watt portable generator with four outlets for additional power. It has a voltmeter and an hour meter, and comes with a wheel kit with 8-inch tires. The Gentron Pro2 10000 has a rugged body design.

If you're living in California, however, you won't likely find a Gentron Pro2 10000 generator being sold there.

Gentron Pro2 generators come in different models, and most of them are ideal for use both at home and at campsites. They are also safe to use for your sensitive electronic devices.

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