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Gas Generator Reviews ETQ TG1200

Looking for gas generator reviews, we suggest the ETQ TG1200 2 HP 2-Cycle gas powered 1200 watt portable generator because it is great for running your households common electronics and comes with a standard 120 volts. This moderately priced, portable gas powered generator a powerful machine as it can serve as an all-purpose electrical power supplier run by gas.

This mobile gas genset will solve all your electrical problems permanently as it can be used anywhere especially in any out-door activities. Gas generator reviews reveal it is light weight (47 pounds), having receptacles of 1 number only and extremely easy to handle (Measurements LXHX W-(in) 15 "13"16"), can take care of the household power needs.

It is an ETQ 2-stroke cooled by air, gasoline run OHV engine of 63 cc capacity, having a running wattage of 1000 which can even be raised to almost 20% more at peak load. The genset runs with a 2.6 HP motor and the engine starts by re-coiling, whereas ignition takes place through a transistor.

This set can run for 5 hours at a stretch at 50% load, generating a permissible noise label of around 65 decibels only with the fuel tank having a capacity of 1 gallon (4.55 litres). But you can always run it longer if you keep a sufficient supply of gas at your residence. Prudence dictates to make sure you always have at least two to three days worth of gas.

Other gas generator reviews explain that this particular model is almost devoid of vibration and being run by gasoline, it is just about pollution free. Almost noiseless, easy to start it is completely dependable for continuous and efficient operation. The compact design meets stringent EPA standards.

Another advantage is that only a single but standard 120 volt connector is sufficient to provide full operation of all the house hold gadgets. The ETQ TG1200 ensures a THD (Total Harmonic Distortion) of a minute amount.

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