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How To Improve Portable Gas Generator Efficiency

With the high cost of fuel, consumers are looking for the most efficient generators on the market with a marked increase in gas generator efficiency. It is not unreasonable to expect six hours of run time on your portable generator on less than two gallons of gasoline or diesel. With new technology developing daily, today's portable gas generators are fuel efficient, have longer motor life and operate more quietly with fewer emissions.

A new gas generator will use a fraction of the amount of fuel that older models require. However, if you have an older model and you'd like to increase the run time while decreasing the amount of fuel you're going through, there are several ways to do it.

Keeping it clean is the easiest way to increase your gas generator efficiency. Change the oil frequently and keep oil levels topped up. Portable generators are usually used for short periods of time, but should you be running it non-stop in an emergency, use a battery or back up generator to take over the load while you change the oil. The engine should be cool when changing the oil or adding more fuel.

If your portable generator has not been in use for some time, the spark plugs will be dirty and old fuel that has been left in the system may have gummed up your carburetor. Your generator may still run, but if the motor sounds loud and rough, it's a sign of dirty spark plugs. This, in turn, will put a demand on your fuel supply. The way to avoid this is to run your generator for at least an hour on a monthly basis. Make the first of the month "run your generator" day so you keep up the great fuel efficiency. It will also ensure that your generator will start when you really need it.

Lighten the load. If your portable generator is powering your RV, your cottage or your home in case of emergency, make sure you're running only essential electrical fixtures and appliances. The more required of your generator, the more fuel you will consume.

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