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Fuel Consumption Of Natural Gas Generator Models

When you go into a store to purchase any kind of equipment which runs on a type of gas or petrol, you always want to get the one which is the most efficient. But, chances are the information which is on the package is hard to understand, as is always the way. So how do you know if you are getting a good item, or one which is going to cost through the roof if you wish to use it regularly. Let's try to make sense of the fuel consumption of natural gas generator units.

On any packaging the fuel consumption of natural gas generator units will try to be explained, but it is usually rounded up so trying to figure out how much exactly you will use with the one you purchase is incredibly difficult.

To avoid this difficulty you will have to do a little bit of research or working out, as it will all depend on the engine size. For example an engine operating at 10hp which is used on a 5000 watt generator and running on full power, should use no more than one unit or block of btu fuel

That probably makes little sense but, if you have an engine of this size and a generator of that wattage you are looking to spend under $1 an hour on gas to operate it.

Which is, when you look at in comparison to a generator requiring gasoline, is a huge savings, especially if you only intend on using your generator at a 50% load.

Fuel consumption of natural gas generator models does not need to be a confusing thing which gives readers headaches, if you apply the above to the generator you have you will be able to figure out usage and costs easily, without lots of confusion.

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