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ETQ Generator Reviews

We have considered buying an ETQ portable generator and, because of this, tried to find out as much as we could about some of the ETQ generator models, including these ones: 3000, 3250, 5250, 6000, 6950, 7250 and IN800I. Of these ETQ generator reviews the latter seemed the most ideal for our needs.

The ETQ IN800I is an 800-watt, 4-cycle OHV gas-powered portable digital inverter generator. The most desirable feature we find in this ETQ generator model is the "clean" power that it provides. It's light at only 27 lbs. (12.15 kgs.) and therefore can be carried easily. It's ideal for tailgating, camping, boating, or for anything that will require up to 800 watts of power. This means that the ETQ IN800I generator is capable of supplying power to multiple appliances and tools that are operating simultaneously.

With just a 50% fuel load, the ETQ IN800I generator has a 3.5-hour run time. The unit's engine output is regulated by its smart throttle, enabling it to burn fuel more efficiently.

Another feature of the ETQ IN800I generator we find advantageous is its trademark Sine Power Alternator technology. With this feature, sensitive electronic items, like laptops, are protected. The technology makes this possible by ensuring low THD (short for total harmonic distortion), which is the measure of the quality of the electricity a generator produces.

To review this briefly, THD over 6% is likely to damage electronics; the ETQ IN8000I generator produces THD that's lower than 3%, thereby ensuring safe delivery of electricity to electronics.

Besides knowing that the ETQ IN800I generator is safe to use for your computers and other expensive gadgets, you'll also find certain convenient features in it. An example is its on-board controls, which allow you to detect the level of power and oil. Another example is the low degree of loudness that it produces, making it ideal for campsites.

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