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Coleman Power Generator Reviews

Coleman is known for great products that are reliable and long lasting. Coleman power generators carry on the tradition of excellence. They offer many models in various lines to suit the need of every customer. Coleman power generators range from sport to premium models.

The Sport 1850 is a model that is made for use in the outdoors. It is a quiet model that is fully enclosed. It features two
 AC outlets of 120 volts, both with circuit breaker protection. It also includes a 12 volt DC charging cable. The unit is protected with rubber feet that reduces vibration and movement.

The Premium plus 5000 model has increased fuel efficiency and noise reduction. The 5 gallon fuel tank provides 11 hours of use. It also has an alert for low oil to protect the motor. It comes with a portability kit for easy moving.

The Pulse 1850 is another model. It has noise reduction and rubber feet for increased operation. It has four SC outlets of 120 volts with circuit breaker protection. It has a 1.3 gallon tank that provides seven hours of use. It is light weight and easy to move without an additional portability kit.

These three Coleman power generator models provide customers with some great choices. The variety of power, portability and features means that there is a generator available for almost every use. The focus on safety and ease of use is typical of Coleman products and one reason why they are a top seller in generators.

Coleman Powermate Premium Plus 5000 Generator
Whatever the emergency is, whatever job needs to be powered, the powermate by Coleman can juice it up for you

Coleman 5000w Generator
The Coleman 5000w generator is great for backup power at home or on the job site. It has a lot of features including the five gallon tank

Coleman Powermate 3750 Watt Generator
Coleman Powermate 3750 Watt Generator with portability kit is a generator that you can take advantage of whenever you need electricity for work or for play

Coleman Portable Emergency Generators
A Coleman portable emergency generator is something to be considered for us to be prepared during blackouts

Coleman Powermate Pro 6750 Generator
If you are looking forward to buying a generator, the following features and specifications from the Coleman powermate pro 6750 generator might help to influence your choice

Coleman 3500 Watt Generator
The Coleman 3500 watt generator features an electric start, making it quick and easy to get going. At the time of a power outage, no one wants to deal with a fussy generator

Coleman 6250 Generators
This model is powered with a 10 HP Tecumseh engine. It is very dependable, running at least ten hours before more gas is needed

Coleman 2500 Generators - Powermate Ultra
Powermate Ultra Coleman 2500 generators are lightweight, compact, and portable. It is great for those who enjoy going on outings

Coleman 7500 Watt Generator PM557501
The Coleman 7500 Watt Generator PM557501 features a cast iron sleeve to give it a long life, and it will run for hours on a seven and a half gallon tank of gas

Coleman Powermate 12500 Watt Generator
One of the most dependable features of the Coleman Powermate 12500 Watt generator is that it is designed to last. Its twenty two HP Subaru engine makes it a reliable source of power during black outs

Coleman 6000 Generator Powermate ProForce PM0106000
This is really one of the safest generators out there on the market. It features an automatic voltage regulator, giving you peace of mind using it for those more sensitive products

Coleman 3000 Portable Generator
It is powered by a OHV engine with a three-gallon tank that offers nine hours duration at fifty percent load, and it operates at 3000W

Coleman Powerstation 25000 Watt Generators
The Coleman Powerstation 25000 watt generators are designed to be super quiet, which means your alternate means of power does not need to attract a ton of attention or wrangle any nearby nerves

Coleman Maxa 5000 Generator
The Coleman Maxa 5000 generator has a cast iron sleeve on engine. The outer casing works by protecting the inner parts of the equipment such as the engine

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