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Coleman Powermate 12500 Watt Generator

If you are looking for a portable Coleman Powermate 12500 Watt generator, consider checking out some of its features and specifications detailed below. It is important to have a back up power supply at home or at a business premise. It allows operations to continue running smoothly in the event there is a power surge or outage.

One of the most dependable features of the Coleman Powermate 12500 Watt generator is that it is designed to last. Its twenty two HP Subaru engine makes it a reliable source of power during black outs. The reason is that it provides a capacity of 12500 running watts.

The engine is also designed to give an approximate 15600 maximum watts. Another feature available on its power features is that it gives 50A. This is supplied to the main plug outlet. It does not split the power across multiple outlets which is a common feature in other generators.

The equipment has many features that makes it durable. Its outer finish makes it all weather resistant. One can easily keep it outdoors without worrying of rust and corrosive elements interfering with it. Its outer case protects the engine from getting damaged. It has useful control panels such as circuit breaker system and a twist lock outlet.

It has an eight gallon tank which holds more fuel. This means that one can rely on the generator to supply power for a longer time compared to other equipments. It is designed with an idle control feature. This regulates consumption of fuel to prevent wastage and over consumption.

The portable Coleman Powermate 12500 Watt generator has pneumatic wheels for easy movement. It has a quality handling kit that has dual folding handles. Just like any equipment, one is encouraged to make sure that their generator is maintained properly at all times. This particular machine is easy to care for and maintain. It has a 12 voltage 34AH battery.

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