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Coleman Maxa 5000 Generator

There are many things one should consider looking into when buying a generator for using at home or in a business. One of the most important features is its power output capabilities. The Coleman Maxa 5000 generator has a control panel with several 120 volt outlets. One can also find the volt outlets useful.

Manufacturers design standby generators so that they can be durable. The Coleman Maxa 5000 generator has a cast iron sleeve on engine. The outer casing works by protecting the inner parts of the equipment such as the engine.

This feature makes it possible for one to store the generator in the outdoors. The outer coating on the generator makes it durable as it can withstand weather elements such as rain and sunny conditions. These are some of the features one should look out for when looking for a new generator.

Another specification available from this type of generator is that it has a fuel tank of five gallons. It is possible to store some fuel in the equipment as you anticipate for an emergency situation. The engine is a 10 Hp Tecumseh too.

The run time of the generator is approximately six hours. One can expect power output of 5000 watts. This is enough energy to sustain the needs of a home or a business during a power outage. The frequency of the generator is approximately 60 Hertz.

There are more features and specification found in the Coleman Maxa 5000 generator. It is available with a complete system for easier handling. The portability kit makes it easy for one to move the generator to a location that one might need it. It can also come in handy in providing power for outdoor activities. It also has a patented Cordkeeper which keeps the cord plugged into an outlet. These features make the equipment a useful generator that can be used comfortably at home or a business premise.

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