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Coleman 6250 Generators

Everyone should have a good generator to fall back on in case of a power outage. In some parts of the country, not having a generator can be a fatal mistake. This is particularly true if you are living in frigid or hot temperatures. Coleman 6250 generators represent a good little portable generator that is an option consumers should consider.

Coleman 6250 generators are manual start generators, and one of its most admirable qualities is the low oil shutoff system. This means that you will never have to worry about running the unit on low oil. In fact, this model can not be started without oil. Many an unsuspecting customer has happily received his product, only to feel frustrated when it will not start. A closer look at the manual will reveal that the oil must be poured into the system before it can work. And this is for the users safety.

Coleman 6250 generators comes at a particularly good price. In fact, some retailers have sold the exact engine model alone for nearly the same cost as what this generator is going for, making it a steal. You get a lot of power at a great price.

This model is powered with a 10 HP Tecumseh engine. It is very dependable, running at least ten hours before more gas is needed. It also comes with two wheels, making it easily transportable to wherever the user desires to take it. Everyone can appreciate the portability factor.

As the engine does lend a lot of power to this machine, this Coleman generator will give you enough power to run several necessities at once in your home or business. It is also quite easy to start, unlike other similar manual models which may give up a big fuss when it comes to getting it started.

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