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Coleman 2500 Generators - Powermate Ultra

Everyone should invest in a good generator as a source of backup power, but there are also those who have specific reasons to need a generator. Coleman 2500 generators Powermate Ultra model is great for either the occasional emergency as well as the everyday need.

Powermate Ultra Coleman 2500 generators are lightweight, compact, and portable. It is great for those who enjoy going on outings, such as camping, boating, or other activities. It is also ideal for the job site. Many times, contractors and builders have a need for a power source when none is readily available. A generator such as this one is a great investment that they will be able to use time and time again.

This model is also easy to move with built in all terrain wheels, making it perfect for those with needs on the go. This can be easily transported everywhere, and it is a great size, not too heavy, while being sturdy and durable, and it starts quite easily. This can even be great for those around the house jobs where you do not want to deal with extension cords. Just wheel along your generator and you are all set.

Powermate Ultra Coleman 2500 generators are available at a steal compared to other similar versions. It comes fully powered with a Tecumseh 5hp VLV120 engine. Many previous users have testified that they have been able to use this generator for very heavy loads, including a number of appliances, all at one time.

For its size, it carries a lot of power, making it even more desirable, and it has a two year warranty to back it up. While this model may be smaller than others, one must consider that it is a fraction of the cost of others. You get a lot for the price with this generator.

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