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Bryant Natural Gas Generator

A Bryant natural gas generator, if installed in your home or office, will kick in as soon as the lights in your home or office go out. These natural gas generators can work with both natural as well as liquid propane gas. The generator itself comes equipped with an automatic transfer switch with a built-in emergency load center. In addition, it has an automatic startup as well as shutdown feature.

Flexible fuel lines, solid state frequency compensated voltage regulation and sound deadening cabinets are some of the other features that help to make a Bryant natural gas generator such a useful item. All these features help to make these generators hundred percent reliable, durable and they provide you perfect protection against power outages.

Bryant is a name that people normally associate with dependability and worry free comfort. Their natural gas generators are able to provide power capacity of 8/7 KW and the circuit capacity, when using LP gas, is 66.6/33.3A and when running on natural gas the total capacity is 58.3/29.2A.

Each Bryant natural gas generator is covered by a three year parts limited warranty and in addition there is also a two year labor limited warranty. You can also obtain extended warranty from the company as well. These generators also come with diagnostic controls that show you at a glance what the status of the generator is.

This natural gas generator also uses air cooled engine temperature control technology. The unit has a steel construction and the paint used is powder coated. So, if you are worried about handling power outages, you need not worry because Bryant has some truly wonderful and reliable natural gas generators that will kick in and provide you with all the power needed to keep you protected whenever there is no power in your home or office.

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