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Black Max Generator Review

The Black Max generator is only available at Sam's Club. With power of 6500 watt continuous and 8125 watt maximum, these Black Max generators are a great deal, offering a strong and dependable 13 hp Honda OHP engine and eight-gallon fuel tan with cap gauge. You can run your Black Max generator for 12 continuous hours at half load.

The overhead valve design of the engine gives this generator greater fuel efficiency than we've seen in review of other models, with less maintenance. It compares favorable with other generators for noise as well as length of life.

Safety features of the Black Max include a shutdown if oil is low that actually shuts the engine down if need be. It also has a handy cord keeper patented system that keeps the cord from coming unplugged from its outlet. With this generator you'll also get pneumatic wheels as well as folding handles.

Its power package includes four 120-volt outlets, 5-20R style; a 120 or 240-volt lock outlet, style L14-30R; and the protection of its own power circuit breaker. A popular model is the
Black Max 5250 portable generator.

This made in the USA Black Max generator has the added attraction of being able to be serviced in any one of the more than 2000 Sam's club facilities. There is certain to be one very near you. It also comes with a two year limited warranty. In a review of other generator warranties, this seems to be about the best.

The price for these Black Max generators from Sam's Club varies by club and region. You can pick them up at your nearest Sam's Club or have them delivered to your home for an extra shipping fee. Delivery is within four weeks from time of online order.

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gas tank is six gallons that will provide as much as ten hours of run time

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