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Cummins Auto Start Natural Gas Generator

The Cummins Onan EC-30W auto start natural gas generator is a wireless RV generator which features a hand held transmitter and a receiver that is connected to the generator for easy control by the consumer. This device has many benefits that the RV owner should be aware of. Every RV needs a generator, and this seems like the perfect match.

Convenience is key to this device. Anyone who wants an easy to run generator that is convenient will love this one. It features a hand held transmitter that can start or stop the device at the touch of a button, from up to one hundred feet away. Keeping the temperature comfortable inside your RV should not be a hassle. It could not be simpler than it is now. And for your safety and security, each remote has an encrypted code to ensure that it will only start your generator.

This auto start natural gas generator is also very easy to install. Any RV owner should be able to read the easy to follow instructions and feel that they can do it on their own. No one wants the extra expense of hiring someone to install this device, and now you can avoid it. The Cummins Onan EC-30W generator also comes with a wall mount for those who have limited space. This is a truly handy feature for the RV, as it is always somewhat limited on space.

You can also easily program the Cummins Onan EC-30W auto start natural gas generator to stop and start at specific times, allowing you to plan quiet times, as well as your preferences for keeping the batteries charged. It is also a fully rechargeable device.

The monitor also features an easy to read display that allows you to check battery levels at any time. Here you may also receive maintenance reminders, as well as other important messages about your system and its upkeep. Everyone wants a generator like this one for their RV, featuring easy installation, easy upkeep, and overall convenience.

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