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3rd Largest Wind Turbine Manufacturer

The 3rd largest wind turbine manufacturer is from China. The country of China is also third in the world to use wind as power. The United States and Germany are one and two in this category. Studies by major universities have noted that China could meet all of their energy demands with wind power by the year 2030.

The amount of wind energy developed by this country has added up to nearly 25.1 gigawatts of energy, and it has played a significant role in their economy. There are somewhere up to 15 companies producing wind power. It seems that they have had such success they are not affected by the downturn of the global economy seen in many other sectors.

The areas where wind energy is produced is called a wind farm. There are about 80 farms present in China today. This would include Sinovel, the 3rd largest wind turbine manufacturer in the world. This country also has the first permanent wind turbine.

This country is now looking to offshore wind production. They have begun setting up wind farms offshore. The whole country has also begun new projects to build six new wind farms across the country which will help improve their economy as well.

However, other big producers of wind-powered energy are in India, the United States, and Germany. It has been a productive industry because the recession has not hit it as hard as other sectors. The country of China has really become a producer of this energy where in the next few decades it can provide enough energy to support its whole population. There are new projects that are being worked on right now to increase its expansion.

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