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120 Volt Wind Generator For Boats Reviewed

The Enertech 1500 is a great 120 volt wind generator for boats. It is 13 inches in diameter, has three blades and a downwind rotor. It provides electric power at 1500 watt when boats are moving at 22mph. The AC output is 120 volt and can even connect to your home's grid electric power. So this is a great buy, used or new, for boats or home electric backup. We easily found it for sale online several places.

The rating of this 120-volt wind generator is 195-kilowatt hours each month assuming boats sailing with an average 10 mph wind. Its control box turns on its wind generator when the wind reaches 10 mph and turns off when it reaches 45 mph or if it should fall to under 10 mph.

Features of this generator include a watt meter, a speed meter and a kwh meter. The 120-volt wind generator weighs a hefty 245 pounds. You can buy it used online for $295, although you may find some things missing such as one we found that had no blades. Like anything else that you buy used it's buyer beware.

A guyed tower 60 feet tall for this 120-volt wind generator for boats or home use is $1195. Its sections of lattice tower are 10 feet long and 18 inches wide but the tower is ascended easily. The tower is galvanized by a hot dip method that makes it highly durable and long lasting and requires little maintenance.

You can also buy extra wind generator main frames for just under $100, that comes with brushes, slip rings, tower mount bracket and yaw bushings.

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